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Shark Slots

4.0 ( 3280 ratings )
Jogos Casino Dados
Developer: LanXun Co., Ltd

Shark Slots Machine is a perfect simulation of the large-scale slot machine.

The game is easy to operate. It is the best choice to kill time! Put the arcade game in your pocket, and catch several sharks whenever and wherever possible! At the same time, you can invite your friends to interact and see who has the better luck!

Life is connected by numerous random events, and the opportunity is always hidden in the possibilities. Sometimes when you make a choice, the results already there waiting for you, but you do not know it! Facing the unknown risks, we need a rational mind to analyze, so are gambling, life, love and career. Fear and greed will always be your biggest enemy! This game provides you with the entertainment and can also exercise IQ and EQ.

◎ This game fully uses the random probability algorithm. It is absolutely fair and scientific!
◎ No. 1 machine displays fixed times of 6, 8, and 12. No. 2 and No. 3 machine displays variable ratio. Mysterious and powerful bonus system will bring you unexpected surprises. Now get out your courage to challenge the limits, to see whether your luck wish you a hand!

Operating instructions:
1. There are 10 kinds of betting animals in the game, including beast (monkey, lion, panda, rabbit), bird (eagle, peacock, pigeon, swallow), silver shark, gold shark and blue shark.

2. Special tips: Silver shark bet on 24 times of bonuses. Gold shark and blue shark bet on 24-99 times, coupled with bonus is 6-99 times. Catch the gold shark and blue shark to win the bonus!

3. Upper limit for betting of primary players is 20 gold coins. You can exchange rank medal with the gold coins you win to increase the upper limit for betting. If you upgrade to “eagle medal”, you can unlock mode of No. 2 machine. If you upgrade to “lion medal” you can unlock the mode of No. 3 machine…Let us upgrade all the way and experience more fun of the game!

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